About the Organizations組織・団体

About The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is the only institution dedicated to carrying out Japan’s comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world. With the objective of cultivating friendship and ties between Japan and the world, through culture, language and dialogue, the Japan Foundation creates global opportunities to foster friendship, trust and mutual understanding.

Project Team of The Japan Foundation, Manila
Director: Ben SUZUKI
Deputy Director: Wataru ABE
Assistant Director: Kanami NAMIKI
Program Coordinators: Mariah Reodica; Carlos Ortiz

Japanese Translation: Chizuru SALVADOR; Kanami NAMIKI


所長: 鈴木勉
副所長: 阿部航
アシスタント・ディレクター: 並木香奈美
プログラム・コーディネーター: マライア・レオディカ、カルロス・オルティズ

日本語訳: サルヴァドール千鶴、並木香奈美

About Thrive Art Projects

ThriveArt Projects started as an online space with the goal to document art practices, collectives, and other art initiatives in the Philippines, especially those which are in the peripheries of the visible art scenes in the country. Currently, the website contains contributions and illustrations from writers in Western Visayas. The project has also expanded to exhibitions and activities involving Ilonggo artists.