Golden Realms黄金の国

Inheriting the Panay Sugidanunスギダヌン叙事詩

Golden Realms is a manga adaptation of sections of the Sugidanun by Iloilo artists, in both English and Japanese languages. These projects aim to honor and celebrate the Panay Sugidanun in the present and celebrate the resonances in oral literature between Japan and the Philippines. Golden Realms is under The Japan Foundation Asia Center’s Asian Literature Project, “Yomu,” which bridges connections between literary traditions around Asia, and explores how literature is read today.



Chapter List全章リスト

Chapter 1第1章

The Encounters of Labaw Dunggonラバウ・ドゥングンとの出会い

Dalie stumbles upon the story of Labaw Dunggon while browsing the internet. This chapter depicts Labaw Dunggon’s struggle with the giant woman (muwa) Amburukay and the sky-dweller Pahagunong who was eyeing for Matan-ayon, Labaw’s wife.


The cover for chapter 2 of Golden Realms
Chapter 2第2章

The Enchanted魔法

At a family reunion, a group of cousins dare each other to go inside a cave while recounting their grandmother’s story about Nagmalitong Yawa, a heroine who saved Humadapnon from the enchanted Tarangban cavern.


Chapter 3第3章

Humadapnon’s Journeyフマダプヌンの旅

After chewing on a betel nut, teenager Precy falls into a golden realm that bears a striking resemblance to her grandmother’s stories. She meets Humadapnon who was searching for his wife, Nagmalitong Yawa. Humadapnon battles a giant seven-headed snake, and even his other self, but will he win back the heart of his wife?


Meet the Characters登場人物を知る

A collage of some Golden Realms characters